Conky will be in the Nokia store very soon. If you have questions or comments you can send email to [email protected] or post on the forum under this topic.
There is one small annoying bug that causes the screen to flicker or only update partially, I didn't bother to fix this because if you swipe away and then back to Conky the problem is gone. Converting Conky to do double buffering using pixmaps isn't easy.


Latest info / versions

Please go here if you want to read the changelog or get the newest version:

App updated, available in store

Nokia added it to the store, it can be downloaded from these locations officially:
Fixed web browser:
Nokia mobile browser:
Someone reported a bug where the rule will not do anything if it is just containing a time. I found and fixed this problem, an updated version will be available in the store soon. You can also download it from this link: is the home of the Proximus app for Nokia N9

The app "Proximus" has passed the initial development phase and will be released in Ovi store for the N9 soon.
This is the official website to use if you have any feedback you want to leave in a public place.
There is a link to a forum on the left.

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